16 week old Yellow Lab Tricks

16 week old yellow lab does a few tricks.

EDIT: Since we posted this video many people have suggested that Jack is overweight or that we feed him too many treats. The treats were ONLY given for training. His weight is due to him being on Prednisone for Puppy Strangles at the time this video was shot. He is not then or has ever been overfed.

Jack is of the English Lab variety.

As for his training we had him enrolled in “puppy school” and this taught us how to teach him. He is a quick learner and was often able to complete a trick after being shown a few times.

As of now (March, 2009) Jack is almost 2 1/2 and is still a beloved member of our family.

Thanks for your comments and well wishes,

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46 replies
  1. Ste Moroney
    Ste Moroney says:

    Lol..it's called puppy fat..and he beautiful dog..I've a 12 month old bitch Molly exactly the same..very smart breed.only 1 thing she so much energy so labs have to be walked and love attention,which myself and kids always give her..just if someone thinkn of a lab.be prepared..the full of life lol..Great video again:)

  2. Imran Butt
    Imran Butt says:

    hey wats up… i have a yellow lab but i don,t know what they eat can u please tell me the food and the habits of yelllow lab..my dog is right now puppy as ur dog almost..

  3. thelongs2001
    thelongs2001 says:

    I saw that your puppy had puppy strangles back in 2007. Our chocolate lab puppy was just diagnosed with it this week and I was curious how your dog did after the strangles. I'd love to know how his life expectancy turned out and whether or not your fog had any further issues that were related to the strangles. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  4. wirina holstein
    wirina holstein says:

    He's not chubby, he's a type 1 lab, isnt he? And the treats are one of the best ways to train a puppy to learn to love being trained and being active. Its not really the amount of treats but more the amount of running around and playing the treats of the hipbones. So I tell concerned puppy owners in my vet clinic. Sometimes someone themselves also think they would try the same thing on themselves – its not the amount of chocolate, but how much you go run and play with your puppies after eating the chocolate. And luckily dog treats are actually under some very nice restrictions and nutritional rules so none will contain the dangerous type of fatty acids we as humans, fill ourselves with. And the dog treats in the US mainly is not that well used where I live (we use raw feed treats due to policies against throwing out animal parts in the meat industry, so everything from a slaughtered animal must be used to keep the slaughtered amounts of animals, mainly pork and beef down), and I dont prefer them, but they are very good for the dog compared to much else. And for us humans dog treats are much healthier to us than human treats 😀

  5. JohnMatrix1985
    JohnMatrix1985 says:

    Hey Jim, how is Jack doing these days?  I'm curious.  I first watched this video in 2009, when we adopted our yellow lab puppy into our family.  Out of nowhere this morning, I thought of Jack on the way to work and wondered how he was.


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