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ON TYLKO POSZEDŁ SRAĆ! • SCP: Secret Laboratory (BETA) #2

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EEVblog #1041 – Keysight Calibration Lab Tour

Peter Daly from Keysight takes us on a tour of their Melbourne calibration and repair lab.
Both automated and manual test benches, high voltage PSU test system, phase noise measurement system, and rohs repair.


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SCP: Secret Laboratory – niezależna gra komputerowa stworzona przez Huberta Moszkę utrzymana w klimacie horroru psychologicznego przygotowana do grania multiplayer.


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[In The Lab] Beat Making With Maschine Masters Sample Pack Saturday 268

Live In The Lab beat making with Maschine Masters Sample Pack Saturday 268. Watch as King Henry flips this week’s sample pack provided by Billy Blass.

Welcome to Sample Pack Saturdays Beat Making!! Here we supply you with FREE (soul, jazz, rnb, funk, prog rock and more) samples to inspire your beat making process this weekend. This is strictly for our members to practice beat making tips and new packs are made available for download every Saturday Morning!! Not a member yet? Sign up today at Maschinemasters.com! Feel free to post beats done with these samples on Instagram and hashtag #samplepacksaturday for repost!

Sample Pack provided by Billy Blass

Beat Making Video

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Friday Live Lab #33: Assemblaggio PC gaming coffee lake (i7 8700, 1080, Z370, 16GB, RGB)

Continuano gli assemblaggi sul canale, e oggi è la volta di una configurazione Coffee Lake da 1.780 euro (prezzo sul nostro shop al 17/11/2017)

– MSI Z370-A PRO
– MSI 1080 GTX Gaming X+
– DDR4 Corsair 16GB LPX Red 2400 Mhz
– Seasonic 620w M12II
– Samsung SSD 250GB 850 EVO
– Western Digital 1TB WD10EZEX
– Antec A40 PRO
– Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 5 RGB
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Integrating lighting, daylighting, and HVAC control in the laboratory

Integrating lighting, daylighting, and HVAC control in the laboratory room.

Pakistani Forces and French Ambassador In Kahuta Laboratory | Janbaz Episode 40 | Roxen

In this episode of the Janbaz Series, we will explain how Pakistani forces acted when they found a French Ambassador entering sensitive areas in Pakistan especially in Kahuta laboratory.

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CRAZIEST Things Grown in a Lab

These days we are making progress at a phenomenal rate when it comes to what we are able to grow and cultivate in a laboratory. Almost every body part imaginable, food sources and raw materials from the earth. The biggest drawbacks are the costs involved, yet despite that, these scientists are changing people’s lives! We’re no experts, but we’re super impressed with what’s been happening!

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8 – Clean Eating
This is a whole new spin on that concept! Memphis Meats has started producing the world’s first clean chicken and duck meat. But we’re not talking about plump free-range chickens running around a farm yard, but rather meat produced from self-producing cells. There will be no need to feed, house, breed and slaughter animals anymore if this continues to be a success. They created a chicken strip dish which was inspired by duck à l’orange, and was said to be delicious!

7 – My heart will go on
Mini hearts are next on our list, and these are also grown from stem cells. The cells are prompted to develop connective tissue and muscle and somehow – feel free to insert a great deal of scientific vocabulary here – scientists have managed to make it beat. At this stage, what it means according to Kevin Healy, a professor of bioengineering, is that it will be possible to quickly ascertain which drugs are causing cardiac birth defects, and which drugs pregnant women should most certainly avoid during pregnancy.

6 – This little piggy
Pig Bones were grown in a lab and successfully implanted into 14 adult Yucatan mini pigs. Not one of those pigs rejected their new bones, and scientists were amazed to see that the blood vessels integrated seamlessly with their current circulatory systems. The process began with the scanning of the pigs’ jawbones, with scientists then creating matching cell-free scaffolds using cow bones. The pigs stem cells were injected, and this resulted in a fully functional bone.

5 – Breathe Easy
Lungs are being grown too, and there are several insinuations working on these. They’re able to mimic the responses one would expect from real lungs, so it’s another great way to see how they will respond to new drugs on the market before they’re given to patients. So far, these mini lungs have managed to survive 100 days in the lab… so there’s a long way to go before they’re grown to be used inside a human, but we’ll definitely get there!

4 – Congratulations
You’re a dad!
Over in China at the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, they’ve managed to grow functioning sperm cells from mice. A similar process to previous entries, where stem cells are taken and they form the basis of whatever it is the lab is growing. Here they’ve implanted the sperm cells which they grew, and 9 mouse pups were born. 3 of those pups went on to reproduce on their own. It’s said it’s not as efficient as artificial insemination with natural sperm, but there is promise for future fertility treatments.

3 – Hard to swallow
The esophagus you might say, is a pretty important part of the body 😛 … And if something were to go wrong with it, well chances of survival do dwindle. So it’s reassuring to know that scientists are finding ways of growing them in labs! At Kuban State Medical University in Russia, they’ve successfully grown an esophagus. It’s only been used on rats at the moment, but it won’t be long before we’re benefiting from this development too.

2 – Perfection
You would think by watching this video, that this is the kind of thing you would see on a movie like Frankenstein, yet it’s happening every day and it’s unbelievable what we’re able to achieve. Harald Ott, a researcher from Massachusetts General Hospital has managed to grow the very first biolimb! He’s grown a rat’s forearm and hand, and through a process of decellularization and recellularization, he believes we are on our way of doing the same for humans. He removed the inert protein collagen from a dead rat, and from there used recellularization to create the new cells and structure. Nutrients, oxygen and electrical stimulation are then added for about 2-3 weeks, and finally the limb is coated with skin grafts. I’m no scientist, so it’s possible that my understanding may be slightly off, but the main point is that literal limbs are being grown, and it’s amazing!

1 – An apple a day
Could create a new ear! Andrew Pelling, a Canadian biophysicist, managed to grow human tissue in a lab, using apples! Again, using a decellularization process, they removed the existing cells from the apple and were left with the cellulose. Taking the cell free apple, they cut out the shape of an ear and injected human cells into it. They did this to try and create cheaper implants, and they were successful in their endeavors! They’ve used the same technique on flower petals and vegetables.