Live Brew: Incrementing Inalla Reanimator from $500 to Budgetless

Previously Dan and Cameron took the Commander 2017 deck Arcane Wizardry apart and brewed a $500 dollar Reanimator deck. Watch as we continue to work on the same deck and pull it through iterations at $800, $1500 and a budgetless version. This deck will then be featured in an upcoming Laboratory Maniacs Commander 2017 special.

Want to get an idea of how to play the original $500 deck? Watch it over at the Tolarian Community College:

The Finished Deck and all of its iterations….


After brewing this list up, Dan took it out playtesting with the /r/competitiveEDH mentor infiniteimoc and ended up with the following variations of the deck:
Dan’s Slow Inalla:
Imoc’s Slow Inalla:
Imoc’s Fast Inalla:

Note that due to some fluctuations the current prices shown on Tappedout may exceed the original target. The decks are being left in their as brewed state and further adjustments to them are being made on follow up decks.

We really appreciate the support you have shown us as fans, as it has gotten us this far. Now we’ve reached a point where our personal finances can only improve our quality but so much, so we’re turning to you all. Nothing we currently do will be restricted behind any kind of paywall, and we absolutely don’t want you to contribute money if you are not in a position to do so. For those of you who are both willing, and able, we would appreciate any support you can offer as by becoming at Patron for the LabManiacs at

Any funds we receive will help us continue to improve all facets of our content, and eventually even increase the quantity of content while maintaining the quality we produce now. Thank you so much for everything you can do to help us.

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25 replies
  1. Aleksi Hartikainen
    Aleksi Hartikainen says:

    Why no Wheel of fortune in the list? Isn't it just a better Windfall as far as card draw goes or is the requirement of red mana to cast and not being pitchable to FoW a good enough reason for not including it?

  2. A Ravenous Panda
    A Ravenous Panda says:

    even if scribe of the mindful was a wizard, it would still be double call to mind for 2b+1+1+1 = 6, same as casting call to mind twice >.< scribe has an activation cost of 1 making it a slow 4 mana call to mind.

  3. Ben Beeman
    Ben Beeman says:

    I don't think I quite understand the twister-loop concept. At first I thought it was a way to mill your opponent, but that would need to be with Wheel of Fortune since Timetwister reshuffles your cards. What am I missing here?


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