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Mr. Causey discusses laboratory guidelines, safety and equipment. Lab safety is a must and you need to use proper names for the equipment.

Chemistry Intro –

Soil Testing: Laboratory Process

This is the laboratory process once the soil samples have been logged in, dried, and ground.

Slime Laboratory

Slime Laboratory is a nice physics based platformer.
This video shows the entire game from beginning to end… note that it’s obviously not the best playthrough because later on i needed many many tries to overcome a few obstacles 😉


Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Animation

This 11-minute animation depicts key events of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission, which will launch in late 2011 and land a rover, Curiosity, on Mars in August 2012. A shorter 4-minute version of this animation, with narration, is also available on our youtube page.

Laboratory Safety Lab Glassware Safety-WWW.SAFETYISSIMPLE.COM

MARCOM’s “Safe Handling of Laboratory Glassware” Safety Video Program discusses the nature of various types of glassware, and the problems it can cause… as well as the need for employees to use and maintain laboratory glassware safely. Broken glassware causes more laboratory accidents than any other hazard. Because it is so fragile, glassware can easily fracture if it is bumped, dropped or too much pressure is applied to it. Some glassware accidents don’t require much more than a band-aid, while others can result in a lot of blood and the need for medical attention. And the threat of contamination from the materials in a broken container can also be a serious problem.

Areas covered in the program include Inspecting glassware before use, effects of extreme temperatures and pressures, matching glassware to the experiment, working with glass tubing, using personal protective equipment, storage and handling, washing and cleanup, and more. The safety video program comes with a comprehensive leader’s guide, reproducible scheduling & attendance form, employee quiz, training certificate and training log. This safety Video Program is one of 12 in the “Elements of Safety” Laboratory Safety Training Series.

The objective of MARCOM’s “Safe Handling of Laboratory Glassware” Video Program is to show the nature of various types of glassware, and the problems it can cause… as well as the need for employees to use and maintain laboratory glassware safely.

Runtime: 13 min.

Year produced: 2011

EEVblog #168 – How To Set Up An Electronics Lab

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How to set up your own decent electronics lab, what you need, and how much it’ll cost you.
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Safety in the Laboratory

This is a video of lab safety procedures that can be used in all biology department classes except Microbiology. There is a separate Microbiology lab safety video which is available in the Micro lab and on line on onDemand.

Laboratory Safety Guidelines

UTSA Laboratory Safety Guidelines for faculty, staff, & students

AGHS Lab Safety Rap

song: Rhythm, Rhyme, Results –
video: Mrs. Mora’s Chemistry Rock Stars @ Arroyo Grande High School

science rocks.

Clinical Chemistry Laboratory in 1966

A video of the Clinical Chemistry Department of the Los Angeles Co. General Hospital made in December 1966 by Dr. Peter Wilding. The mid-1960s saw the first automation of medical laboratories and this film shows it in use at one of the largest laboratories at the time. Shared courtesy of the AACC History Division.