Take a rare look inside the crime lab that may have just cracked a serial murder case

Good old-fashioned police work and the latest technology – that’s what led to an arrest in the Indian Creek Trail murders.

We got a rare look into the inside of the Kansas City Crime Lab.

70 people work in that lab – only 13 in the DNA department. Yet – they work on thousands of cases each year and just helped solve a possible serial murder case.

At each of the five crime scenes possibly linked to the same person, CSI teams moved in to collect evidence to build those cases.

Inside the Kansas City Crime Lab – DNA is making the biggest strides.

“Probably the two biggest changes in the DNA technology is the amount of sample we’re able to test, and then how quickly we can do the testing,” said Scott Hummel.

For example, at last week’s murder near 67th and Troost, investigators recovered an iced tea bottle.

Video traced that bottle to the suspect – 22-year-old Frederick Scott.

Later, police recovered Scott’s discarded cigarette.

Court records show the very next day, the crime lab was able to match that cigarette and the iced tea bottle to Scott.

Ballistics tests had to be done, too.

The crime lab is swamped every day. They operate with a backlog of six to nine months.

“We work anything from, you know, simple auto thefts, property crimes, burglaries, all the way up to homicides and rapes,” said Hummel.

According to Hummel, juries now expect that high-tech evidence.

And while all cases are important – cases like the Indian Creek Trail murders get moved to the front of the line for one reason.

“A matter of public safety that we need to address in a very timely manner.”

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